The Grateful Outdoors

For 40 years, Colorado Lottery players have supported the great state through their play. And with so much money raised for the great outdoors, Colorado itself will thank them.

The Grateful Outdoors: 30

Santa Gets His Groove Back

The holidays can be stressful, especially for old Saint Nick. Luckily, there are Holiday Scratchers from the Missouri Lottery to put the excitement back in the holidays.

Santa Gets His Groove Back: 30


Man's Best Friend

Even in 2020, you're only one ticket away from the best year ever.

Man's Best Friend: 30


Play It Forward

Lottery players don’t realize that all of the proceeds from every ticket purchased goes to Missouri public schools. While it’s easy to brush off a single ticket as “just a ticket”, their purchases really makes a big difference for the children of Missouri.

Power of Perspective: 30

Power of One: 30

Like Royalty

The Missouri Lottery is giving Missourians the opportunity to win a trip so luxurious they won’t have to lift a finger — or anything for that matter.

Like Royalty: 30